Importance of Irrigation Systems

Terra Landscaping Ltd.

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We, at Terra Landscaping Ltd. strongly recommend irrigation systems for all of our construction projects. As we approach the tale end approaches of what has been to date the warmest, driest summer in Alberta's recent history, we would like to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about irrigation systems.

Many believe that irrigation systems overuse water, a precious natural resource. However, properly designed, it can be the exact opposite, allowing the home owner to adjust the quantity and frequency of water used to fulfill the needs of the vegetation. No longer are sidewalks unnecessarily watered. Nor is water wasted on arid-loving plants, a common mistake among homeowners. Timers are set to water when the vegetation is most able to absorb the water ensuring minimal waste. Easily adjustable to suit the needs of your vegetation and adaptable to water recycling processes such as rooftop rainwater catch basins, irrigation systems have the potential of being the perfect environmentally sound addition to your landscaping project.