IPM: Integrated Pest Management Plan

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The principles of an IPM Plan involve using an ecological approach to vegetation management that includes the integration of preventative measures, cost-effective alternative control measures and technology, resulting in results include a reduced reliance on pesticides and minimized risk to human health and the environment.

Integrated Pest Management Plan

We at Terra Landscaping Ltd., use the IPM approach for all our long-term projects. Comparing past cultural, mechanical and chemical practices to present conditions allows us to identify potential problematic areas, which we closely monitor. Over the years, we document species sensibility, hardiness and adaptability, and use chemical controls only when all other pest control practices fail. During this time, past environmental damaged is assessed and mitigated by incorporating natural fertilizer, new, viable soil and site-adaptable plant species.

A good Integrated Pest Management Plan incorporates a firm understanding of pest life cycles and feeding habits when attempting to control a specific problem. Maintaining healthy plant material proves to be the most effective and efficient method of pest and disease control. Stressed vegetation will always be more susceptible.

Keep pests and disease at bay with proper plant care. To reduce pesticide use, increase cultural practices to improve the vegetation’s long-term constitution. Healthy vegetation successfully competes with weeds and diseases. Record fertilizer applications and soil amendments, and look for telltale signs of stress. As soon as you notice a potential problem, do not wait to call a professional.