Residential Lot Grading

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Lot grading is the single most problematic, therefore critical area when building a Landscape project. Itís importance cannot be emphasized enough.

Residentia Lot Grading

Changes in the City of Edmonton Lot Grading Bylaws have significantly reduced the amount of drainage problems we’ve encountered over the years; however, older residential areas continue to be problematic. Standing water found in these areas can drown vegetation, crack foundations and lead to flooded basements. These damages can be very costly to repair if ignored for many years.

Drainage technology available to landscaping contractors has and continues to improve. Prevention, however, is always the best solution. Ensure that water drains away from your house. Drain spouts must flow away from foundations and sidewalks. Avoid underground drainage pipes whenever possible, as they freeze and fail to thaw before they cause severe damage to your property and home. Use catch basins when feasible as to recycle and reuse the runoff water.

Drainage patterns commonly run front to back, back to front or are split back-to-back and front-to-front along both sides of the property line. Avoid crowning, berming and swaling in the middle of the property whenever possible, as the result is rarely aesthetically pleasing, and makes for inefficient use of the yard area.

Please hire a professional when doing your lot grading and planning. It will save you headaches and money if done correctly from the onset of your landscaping project.