Living Walls

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Living Walls

Living walls are a hot new trend in the landscape and interiorscape industry. Seen in large commercial buildings and in private homes, they consist of vegetation growing on interior or exterior walls.

Green Facades consist of a climbing structure installed near an exterior wall onto which plants can climb. A variety of materials are being used to build these climbing structures such as wood panels, cables and powder coated mesh.

Green Retaining Walls, are installed similarly to the prefab concrete block walls widely used in and around the city. Built of prefab stone blocks with specially designed pockets in which growing medium and plant material are inserted, green retaining walls are aesthetically pleasing and help decrease the heat island effect in urban environments.

Modular Systems, best suited for the Edmonton climate, are walls containing a coarse growing medium. Beautiful to look at and using minimal space, these outdoor walls can be installed for added privacy in residential lots or can be added to urban gardens on which to grow lettuce, herbs and other edible plants.

Hydroponic Felt Systems are the perfect options for indoor living walls. Constructed with automated irrigation systems, these walls are built with hydroponic felt in which plants are placed and irrigated as required. Indoor living walls are aesthetically pleasing, purify the air and humidify the dry Alberta winter air in homes and offices.

Many benefits come from interior living walls installed in front of air exchange systems. Built with automated irrigation systems, the walls are filled with a growing medium in which the vegetation is placed. Combined with the air exchange system, these living walls provide purified, humid air in the entire building.