At Terra Landscaping Ltd. we strongly recommend irrigation systems for all of our construction projects. And we would like to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about irrigation systems. Many believe that irrigation systems overuse water and are expensive to install and maintain. However, properly designed, it can be the exact opposite.

Working directly with the home owner we will determine the sites own custom water management program. No longer are sidewalks unnecessarily watered, water is not wasted on arid-loving plants, and lawns are not watered in the middle of the day, burning your grass. Timers are set to water when the vegetation is most able to absorb the water ensuring minimal waste, and emitters are placed in the exact location for the vegetation allowing precise watering. As the property matures the home owner has the ability to adjust the quantity and frequency of water used to fulfill the needs of the vegetation. Easily adjustable to suit the needs of your vegetation and adaptable to water recycling processes such as rooftop rainwater catch basins, irrigation systems have the potential of being the perfect environmentally sound addition to your landscaping project.

Labor Savings

  • By selecting a custom built irrigation system that automatically adjusts watering based on climate conditions, you’ll eliminate the labor required to manually reset the irrigation schedule seasonally.
  • By selecting a system that offers centralized control from a web browser and/or mobile device, you’ll eliminate numerous site visits to adjust or check on anything, big or small.
  • You’ll lower landscape maintenance costs (weekly mowing and edging, dump fees for clippings removal and seasonal fertilization) if you eliminate high water use plants such as turf as part of your conservation efforts.

Hardscape and Plant Savings

  • You’ll spend less on plant replacement cost (and will likely see improved plant health) given the precise watering delivered by a weather-based system.
  • You’ll even extend the life of asphalt, wood surfaces and other hardscape and incur less window washing expenses once you better control watering.
  • You’ll replace less plants and your yard will maintain a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

Additional Savings

  • With better usage monitoring and being alerted to leaks and other issues quickly, you’ll likely experience lower repair costs because problems will be identified and fixed before they turn catastrophic.
  • Your local water agency may offer a rebate toward water conservation projects such as a new irrigation controller, turf replacement or high efficiency nozzles.
  • In areas where water-use regulations or restrictions are in place, you can eliminate fees and fines owed for excess use or watering outside of appropriate water windows.
  • You’ll spend less on fertilizer due to less runoff.
  • You may even lower potential future liability from accidents due to wet surfaces.
  • You’ll be saving on the expense of higher water rates in the future (and predictions all point to higher costs for this increasingly scarce resource).

Hard to Quantify, but important Environmental Factors

  • Less runoff means less pollution.
  • You’ll demonstrate corporate stewardship and help mitigate climate change.
  • Your organization may make progress toward sustainability goals and/or LEED certification.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of promoting employee pride and morale through your conservation efforts.
One final thought that most home owners don’t consider: delaying an irrigation system installation or upgrade can be costly indeed. A water conservation project delivers cash flows the day it is commissioned, so delays are inherently counterproductive.
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