Living walls bring the outdoors in and add a sense of vibrancy, even if Canada is currently plunged into one of its coldest and iciest winters. You simply can’t beat the beautiful green engineering and innovative décor that living walls provide.

The beauty of living walls is that they make any space — home or office — a better and more positive place to be. They take interior design to the next level and add a bit of tropical paradise to any space.

Not only do living walls brighten up your home or office, but they also provide plenty of boosts to mental health and physical wellbeing. Living walls provide a necessary escape from the concrete jungle that’s filled with pollution, traffic, and noise, and work to reduce fatigue and stress.

And the plants aren’t just for show. They can be used to increase the relative humidity indoors, reduce noise, screen unattractive areas, and moderate room temperature by shading a bright, sunny window. And, of course, they make a huge positive impression on clients and visitors, and are often a talking point. What better way to welcome clients and visitors into your home or office than with a beautiful display of living art?

When it comes to physical wellbeing, living walls drastically improve air quality in indoor spaces, which helps people breathe easier and feel more comfortable. They remove toxins such as carbon monoxide and replace the toxins with oxygen rich air.

Still not convinced? There are three different kinds of living walls to choose from to best fit your space. Whatever your needs are, our team at Terra Landscaping can install the perfect living wall for you.

Living Walls Edmonton

Active Walls

Like the name implies, active walls actively pull air through the living wall by using an HVAC system or other ventilators. The air is then cleaned through biofiltration, a process where beneficial microbes that are housed in the plants’ roots break down harmful airborne pollutants.

It’s a natural and cost-effective way to purify the air.

Passive Walls

Passive walls are perfect for both interior and exterior installations, and they offer flexibility in design and layout. Our team can craft your living wall to fit the exact shape and dimensions you need, and even customize what plants and mosses to include in the design.

These living walls create a thriving root environment to ensure continued plat growth and long-term aesthetic results. The system is watertight and secure.

Passive living walls are built on a framework of light stainless steel, aluminium, or composite materials, making them easy to attach on any surface.

While passive living walls purify the air more slowly than active walls (they use simple diffusion to purify the air) they are a bit easier to maintain.

Living Walls Edmonton

Preserved Walls

Preserved walls are the best low maintenance option. There’s no watering or fertilization involved, only occasional dusting, and the moss looks and feels exactly like living moss, because it is!

The moss and plants are preserved through a bio friendly glycerin technique and then coloured with food dyes so they look exactly like lush vegetation.

Preserved moss can last decades and it provides all the same boosts to mental wellbeing that active and passive living walls do.

But the best part about preserved walls is that they are very flexible; they can be designed exactly to your specifications. You can craft your company logo, graphics, and more out of the preserved moss, and expand your branding directly into your green décor.

You can even choose from a diverse selection of moss and foliage to create this vibrant and fresh art.

Living Walls Edmonton

Terra Landscaping is an Alberta based company that operates primarily out of Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, but we can install living walls across Canada. Contact us today to plan your very own living or preserved wall!