It may be snowing outside, but your home or office space can become the tropical green oasis you’re craving with Nedlaw Biofilter living walls.

Not only do these walls become a statement piece in any home or office, but they can boost mental and physical wellbeing, improve your workplace environment, and even increase productivity at work or in the home. Take your interior design to the next level with Nedlaw Biofilter living walls!

What are Nedlaw Biofilter Living Walls?

Nedlaw Biolfilter living walls use self-sufficient plants that are sustained through liquid nutrients rather than soil in a process known as hydroponics.

Water is pumped from a basin at the bottom of the wall to the top, and it trickles down through the plant roots and provides nutrients and moisture to create a thriving garden. After the water reaches the basin, it is recycled and used again.

This closed loop water-recycling system is far more energy and resource efficient than a soil-based living wall that requires spraying and a larger water source.

Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters are the most rigorously tested living walls in the world. This state-of-the-art green technology increases building performance while being aesthetically pleasing.

Terra Landscaping installs Nedlaw Biofilter living walls in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and across Canada to beautify your indoor spaces.

The health benefits


Nedlaw Biofilter living walls use biofiltration to improve indoor air quality. This means contaminated air is passed through the living walls and the airborne pollutants are consumed by beneficial microbes that are housed in the plants’ roots.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which include carbon monoxides, benzene, nitrogen oxides, and formaldehyde, are some of the most common indoor pollutants that are filtered out through biofiltration. Nedlaw Biofilter living walls can filter out 90% of these harmful compounds. Other common indoor items like furniture, paint, and carpets also emit toxins which are absorbed by the living walls.

Nedlaw Biofilter living walls are optimized for filtration and can clean 100 square feet of interior space for every square foot of the living wall. For example, a 3 ft x 7 ft Biofilter in a boardroom, connected to the HVAC, would clean 2,100 square feet of air in the office space and effectively dispel the smell of microwaved lunches, bathrooms, chemicals, the truck garage next door, and the farm down the road.

Nedlaw Biofilter living walls are active living walls that are designed to pull polluted air through the room system. Passive living walls purify air much slower, making active living walls the better choice for quick and effective air purification.

Energy savings

The potential for energy savings with Nedlaw Biofilter living walls is huge, simply because the system creates a fresh air source for the building it is housed in. Instead of drawing air that needs to be heated and cooled from outside, the biofilter purifies existing air in the building.

Biofilters can be built with on-board fans or be hooked up directly to the HVAC system. Connecting the biofilter to the HVAC system creates the most efficient system but many living walls are also installed with on-board fans.

Living Walls Edmonton

Nedlaw Biofilter living walls are designed to work effectively in your space, with your existing architecture, and meet your needs. Our team will work closely with you to meet your energy saving goals and indoor air quality needs with a custom biofilter.

Whether your project is new construction or a retrofit, get us in early on the planning so we can maximize the efficiency and results of the system!