Green roof systems are integrated directly into the design and intention of a building from initial concept or through retrofitting.

Green roofs are planted over a new or existing roof structure using a strong, specialized membrane to protect the building. From there the engineered soil is placed on the roof and the plant selection is installed. We are available to consult, design and build a wild range of green roof systems.

Benefits of a GreenRoof

Terra Landscaping Ltd. is proud of its ongoing commitment to greener practices and providing its clients sustainable landscaping options.

Reduces dependency on storm water infrastructure

by absorbing rainwater before it reaches the water systems. Extending the life of the storm water infrastructure systems as well being a excellent filter for pollutants and heavy metals from the water.

Improves air quality and incorporates BioPhillic design

these systems offer increased outdoor user space in urban environments. Reduces noise, acts as a carbon sponge and create habitat for wildlife.

Extending the buildings life

green roofs act a natural fire retardant by slowing down the spread of the fire. They provide increased insulation and are designed to last longer than a traditional roof system.





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    $3000 - $4000