Landscaping Edmonton

Winter is finally at an end, and that means more sunlight, more time outdoors, and (hopefully) much warmer weather.

But the budding spring also means it is time to start thinking about your garden this year.

Before your plants and shrubberies can burst into bloom, it is important to provide them with winter after-care, clean up remaining winter debris, and tackle all aspects of spring clean up.

At Terra Landscaping, our expert team will provide your garden with the care and maintenance it needs so your garden can thrive the rest of the growing season.

Benefits of spring clean up

Upkeep is essential for a thriving and aesthetically pleasing garden. Spring clean up will ensure that your garden has the curb appeal you’re looking for as we move into warmer weather, and it will give your plants the nutrients they need for a successful growing season.

And while our team is tackling the strenuous clean up, you have more time to spend on the things you enjoy! You can relax knowing that our knowledgeable and experienced team will provide your garden with the best care.


Spring clean up services

Remove debris and dead plant material

Leftover plant material, leaves, twigs, and any other debris that has built up over the winter will be removed. This gives your lawn and plants room to breathe and allows for new growth.

Landscaping Edmonton

Lawn care

Our cold Alberta winters are tough on lawns. To get the envious thick, green grass all summer long, it’s important to provide your lawn with the right care in the spring.

Our team will power rake the grass to dispose of dead grass and other organic buildup, cut the lawn to encourage new growth, aerate the lawn to allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots, and fertilize to provide plenty of good of nutrients.

Bed care

Garden beds need care and maintenance in the spring to promote healthy growth for the rest of the growing season. Our team will weed the beds, turn over the soil, add compost and other nutrients, and top up your beds with mulch.

Health check

Winter is hard on perennials. Our team will assess how healthy your perennials are and remove old or dying material to improve the plant’s overall health and longevity. Plants that did not make it through the winter will be replaced.

Our team also provides pruning services for deciduous and coniferous shrubs.

Irrigation systems

Spring is a great opportunity to install irrigation systems in your garden. This will ensure that your plants and lawn get the water they need, right at the start of the growing season. Our team will install the system and test all zones.

If you already have an irrigation system, our experts will replace and fix any broken lines, emitters, valves, and electrical components.


Beautify your garden

Have you been thinking about adding water features to your garden? Why not start now?

Our team can install waterfalls, ponds, and bubble rocks to brighten up your garden. Not only do these features create a beautiful and relaxing garden, but they’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood — something to impress your neighbours.

Our team can also clean existing water features and inspect for leaks or damaged lines.


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