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In Edmonton’s urban jungle, it can be difficult to get out and enjoy all of nature’s wonders. And as the climate crisis continues to worsen, it is becoming more and more important to implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our lives.


Green roofs address both of these issues. Installing a green roof on your home or business provides you with your very own slice of green paradise that is incorporated into the existing architecture of your building. Additionally, green roofs are a sustainable option that reduce pollution, filter out harmful substances from rainwater, reduce heating/cooling costs, and reduce the dependency on our storm water infrastructure.

Terra Landscaping Ltd. is one of the only professionally certified companies in Edmonton that installs and specializes in green roofs. Our team is committed to providing our clients with beautiful and sustainable landscaping options for their home or business. Green roofs are the perfect retrofit option to take your roof to the next level!

Green Roofs Edmonton

What are Green roofs

Green roofs are specifically engineered roofs that support a variety of vegetation. They are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. The green roof can be partially or completely covered in vegetation, and there is a diverse selection of plants to choose from, including perennials, ground cover, flowering bushes, and bulbs. You can customize your green roof to your tastes.

Green roofs can be built directly on top of existing architecture of a roof, but additional layers, including a waterproofing membrane, insulation, a root barrier, protective fabric, and a drainage and filter layer, are also added.

This ensures that the vegetation has a rich growing environment, and the waterproofing membrane and root barrier work to contain the green and ensure the green roof will thrive. ( I changed this up as I don’t want people to think that they need to protect their roof from a green roof.)

Green Roofs Edmonton

Benefits of green roofs

Green roofs provide countless benefits.

At the top of the list is air purification. Green roofs absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen rich air. Other harmful airborne pollutants such as noxious gases are also absorbed and filtered out of the air by green roofs.

Green roofs also lower building energy costs. The increased insulation green roofs provide to a building or home helps retain heat during the winter, lowering heating costs. And in the summer, the vegetation absorbs light that would be otherwise be converted into heat energy. This helps reduce air conditioning costs.

Green roofs act as an exemplary natural water filtration system. Rainwater is absorbed by the vegetation and plant roots which allows heavy metals to be filtered out, making any run-off water much safer to be incorporated back into the environment.

Additionally, the vegetation on green roofs reduces the amount of rainwater run-off altogether through its all-natural rainwater capture system. In the summer, about 70-90% of precipitation that falls on green roofs can be absorbed. In the winter, 25-40% of precipitation can be absorbed. This takes stress off of sewage systems and extends the life of the storm water infrastructure systems.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Green roofs also increase biodiversity and provide wildlife with a habitat. Migrating birds especially enjoy green roofs.

But most importantly, green roofs significantly extend the lives of traditional roofs. The plants act as a natural fire retardant, which slows the spread of fires, and the increased insulation helps increase the life of your roof. Green roofs are specifically engineered to outlast traditional roofs.

Contact our team at Terra Landscaping Ltd. to get your very own green roof! Do your part for the planet and start enjoying all the benefits green roofs have to offer.