When you think of beautiful landscaping, you think about gorgeous flowers, pops of colour, and the way the greenery from the shrubs is perfectly offset by the vibrant annuals or perennials. But most importantly, you think about the opportunities that the landscaping provides for outdoor living, a space you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Creating the perfect landscaping takes planning and industry expertise to pull off.

Landscape design allows you to maximize the potential of your outdoor living space and plan a thoughtful garden that will be beautiful and functional for years to come. And most importantly, landscape design it lets your landscaping vision become a reality.

Our landscaping experts at Terra Landscaping, based in Edmonton, Alberta, have the landscaping training and industry expertise to help you craft the garden of your dreams.

The benefits

blankBudget and timeline

Landscape design will provide you with an accurate estimate for your landscaping project so you know right off the bat how much your dream landscaping will cost.

We value transparency, and it is important that our clients have an accurate estimate of the project before we start creating the garden of your dreams.

Our team will also provide you with a projected timeline for the project during the landscape design phase.


Your input

Landscape design starts with you. What is your vision for the finished landscaping? How do you envision using your finished garden? Are you looking for outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen, a patio with a sunken firepit, a deck with shaded areas, a brand-new fence, bold flower patterns, water features? The options are limitless!

This is your garden and we will customize the landscaping to fit your needs, design preferences, and aesthetic vision.


Our landscaping expertise

Landscaping involves a lot of planning to create a successful final product. Our team knows how to combine colours to create beautiful results, vary shrub and flower heights to create interest, and craft shapes naturally with plants.

While the primary function of vegetation is to create an aesthetically pleasing final result, plants, trees, and shrubs, can be used to define and structure spaces. They can be used to transform the environment for your comfort by modifying temperature and light, and even masking unwanted odours.

Our team knows how to transform your current landscape into one that meets all your needs.


Visualize it

Landscape design lets you visualize the landscaping before you spend a dime. This lets you prioritize where you spend your money, add in additional features, and tweak any aspects of the design before they become reality.

Our team will craft a 3D rendering of your landscaping project so you know exactly what the finished product will look like.

Steps of landscape design

  1. Survey the site: Our landscaping team will get a sense of your property before we start the landscape design. How much space is there to work with? What plants and vegetation are currently growing? What is the soil quality like? How much sunlight does the garden get? These are just a few questions that our team will answer before we design the perfect landscaping for your space and needs.
  2. Consult directly with you: This is when we’ll get a sense of your needs and aesthetic vision for the landscaping.
  3. 3D design: At this stage, we’ll take your landscaping wish-list and craft a 3D rendering for you.
  4. Feedback: We’ll tweak the 3D design with any of your feedback to improve the final design.
  5. Landscaping: And finally, we’ll get started crafting your dream landscaping!

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