At Terra Landscaping,

we bring to you some of the most advanced and beautiful Living walls in the world.

A Living wall is more than just an addition they are way to incorporate thought provoking biophillic design, enhanced air quality, healthier living and working spaces as well as optimizing the buildings operating potential.

Nedlaw Bio Filter Living wall

Actively filters and cleans your air.

Passive Living Walls

Aesthetically beautiful, suited for interior & exterior applications.

Preserved/Moss Walls

Very low maintenance & great design flexibility.

Learn more about our 3 different Living wall systems:

Nedlaw Bio Filter Living wall

One of kind, the Nedlaw Bio filter walls actively filters and cleans your air, while simultaneously lowering your buildings operating costs. Reducing your carbon foot print, saving money and energy and adding a whole new level of biophillic design to the space. 

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Living Walls

These beautiful living walls provide excellent biophillic design and add gorgeous aesthetics to the space. Suited for both interior and Exterior applications, these systems offer a wide of design flexibility.

Moss Walls

These walls are great for a super low maintenance client. The plants and moss are preserved through a bio friendly glycerin and then coloured with food dyes.  These offer great design flexibility excellent use for company logo and branding and low maintenance.

Residential homes, commercial buildings, institutions & large properties

Our versatile systems are suited for a wide range of applications both interior and exterior. Design flexible and construction ready. Find out now how you can integrate a living wall into your space.

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    $3000 - $4000