These walls are great option for a low maintenance client.

The plants and moss are preserved through a bio friendly glycerin technique and then coloured with food dyes.

These walls offer great design flexibility, excellent use for company logo and branding and very low maintenance. With the ability to combine a diverse selection of moss and folia the preserved systems add a fresh and vibrant design to your space. This piece of art will give you the feeling of lush vegetation living in your indoor environment. The nice particularity of this product is that the mix of all the mosses creates a special and distinct design, a design that fits your taste and envy. We work with 3 types of mosses:


Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss, actually a lichen, is our most popular preserved product for both large and small applications. From natural to bold shades, Reindeer Moss comes in 17 different colours that our team uses to create unique and lush Mossart designs such as frames, wall tiles, and logos.


Sheet Moss

Sheet Moss has a very natural and organic feel. It is thinner and like its name comes in flat sheets. Sheet moss is often applied as a wall or ceiling covering and is an excellent base moss for multi material creations. It is available in 2 shades of green. Standard panels are approximately ¼” thick.


Pole Moss

This unique moss grows in small mounds, when brought together it creates a chic and modern look. When combined with other mosses or folia it adds a lush dimension to the space. It is available in 2 shades of green. Standard panels are approximately 2” thick.


Preserved Folia

100% naturally preserved plants these can be used to create an endless possibility of designs; from centre tables to unique frames and wall creations. This natural decor will last for years and will not require any maintenance (no natural light, trimming or water required).



No maintenance, water or natural light required
Long lasting preserved natural decor
No size or design limitations
50+ plant varieties available
100% natural



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    $3000 - $4000