These beautiful living walls provide excellent biophillic
design and add gorgeous aesthetics to the space.

Suited for both interior and exterior applications, these systems offer a wide range of design flexibility.

These passive living walls system creates an optimum root environment, which ensures plant viability while guaranteeing the most pleasant long-term aesthetic results. These living walls can be attached to any surface, thanks to its light and secure structure made of stainless steel, aluminum or composite materials. These system are watertight, and are extremely versatile in regards to design and plant variety.

Not only do living walls add colour and liveliness to your space, they also change physical aspects of the environment in pleasant ways.

Plants can be used to increase the relative humidity indoors, reduce noise, screen unattractive areas, and moderate room temperature by shading a bright, sunny window. The systems add a great “WOW” factor to your office and are often a talking point for your clients and visitors. They are a great first impression to your business or home.

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  • Low cost
  • Biodiversity
  • Low maintenance
  • Wall protection
  • Phonic absorbent
  • Sustainable
  • Energy saving
  • Low in water consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Large plant diversity
  • Easy planting
  • Recyclable
  • Engineered growing medium








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    $3000 - $4000